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SAQ Overview

What you do during the season is crucial for maximizing your performance on the soccer field. That is why we offer Speed, Agility and Quickness training for all U14 and older teams in the winter at the Oakland University Dome. SAQ is 8 weeks, and players participate with their team. Coach Enes Sunje oversees the SAQ curriculum and training for each team.

Soccer player performing a speed drill during Michigan Stars Lightning SAQ training
Youth soccer player navigating an agility ladder during Michigan Stars Lightning SAQ training


Although our focus is going to be on matches, it is important to have a plan for how you are going to train and recover around matches to stay at your peak - and that’s exactly what our SAQ program will provide for our players. 


Many players struggle with knowing what personal workouts they should be doing during the season; some do nothing at all while others overdo it and burn themselves out for when it really matters. Below are the different additional training types during the season and the foundations on which this program is built. 


As players will be playing matches regularly, they'll have less time to spend on their own doing extra training compared to the off-season. This doesn’t mean that our players shouldn’t do anything at all, it just means that we have to ensure that the time spent is as productive and efficient as possible. The following types of training will help to give them an edge over their opponents:  


  • Strength and power

  • Endurance/stamina

  • Speed

  • Coordination and agility

  • Optimal recovery

  • Injury prevention

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